Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lonestar Showdown Moving to December

The Austin American Statesman reported that the annual Lonestar Showdown is likely going to be moved from it's traditional Thanksgiving date into December.

With Nebraska and Colorado now gone (to the Big 10 and Pac 10, respectively), the joke that is the Big 12, no longer has the required number of teams to have a Conference Championship game....therefore there isn't any Big 12 presence on that first weekend of December, which is when all the BCS conferences have their Championship games, and the Big 12 needs something of a marquee matchup there to have a resemblence of a presence so the TV network will pay the bills.

There are many problems with this. The first is that we're losing out on a big marketing opportunity. We no longer have the nation's undivided attention on Thanksgiving night. We are going to be sandwiched in-between the Big 10 Championship, the Pac 10 Championship, the SEC Championship.

You wonder why the two conferences (the Pac10 and Big 10) that didn't have enough teams for a championship went out and got them? Because they're not stupid and they see the benefit$. The Big 12 regressed.


The powers that be need to be proactive and get us out of this sinking ship of a conference before it crumbles anymore. I do not want us to be left holding the bag. We need to be on the front end of this and make sure that what happens is best for Texas A&M. Yes, it will suck losing long standing rivalries with Baylor and tech. Frankly, I don't care about any of the other schools, we need to look out for #1 because no one else is going to. I promise that they're not looking out for our best interests.

texas just signed a 20-year $300,000,000 TV deal with ESPN.

Three hundred million dollars.

They're not looking out for our best interests. They're looking to leave everyone in the dust. They're getting ready for this inevitable split up and don't have any intention of looking unprepared. They've loaded up their non-conference schedule over the next few years with big name opponents from all across the country. They've got their non-perishables, batteries, generators, and gas ready for the storm. Doppler Radar is telling us the storm is approaching land and I hope that our administration isn't planning on trying to find batteries after the power goes out.