Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ag Football Recap: Ags 61 v. KU 7

After a painstakingly long week at work I needed a release and this was exactly the kind of game I needed.

As Sean and I were driving up we got a text message from my Father-in-law who had extra tickets for us so we met up with them again. I have sat in my actual season ticket seat a total of one time thus far this season....which is fine. We actually walked up to a scalper who was about to rip off some old lady and gave her our tickets.....much to the scalper's dismay.

We took control of the game early and didn't let off the pedal until the 4th quarter when we had pulled all of our starters.

Of course we have to point out that Kansas is really bad. But we're so inconsistent that there is no telling what we're going to get each week.

Ryan Swope had a huge game with 9 receptions for 137 yards and two TDs.....including a highlight reel catch where he got HAMMERED while airborn and he landed and just kept trucking.

Cyrus Gray has cemented his place as my favorite Aggie tailback. I love this kid. He tacked on 94 yards on 10 carries including 3 TDs.....all in the first half. He came out for the second half in street clothes after we saw the trainer rubbing his left shoulder under his pads just before the intermission. The internet rumors started hot and heavy....he broke his clavical, he separated his shoulder, he strained his one knows. I do know that he looked fine during the second half - he wasn't in a sling or had his arm restricted at all.

The thing that fueled the rumors was that Coach Sherman burned true freshman Will Randolph's redshirt in the 4th quarter of our 11th game. I don't know any more than anyone else but I'd be SHOCKED if Cyrus didn't play on Thursday night.

Cyrus has now hit the 1,000 yard mark for the second consecutive season (only the third Aggie RB to do so). He is closing in on top 5 finishes in a good number of Aggie career rushing slots in the record books.....and he's done most of this splitting time with C-Mike.

On the defensive side of the ball the two guys who I think have really stepped up their game over the last 2-3 weeks are LBers Damontre Moore and Jonathan Stewart - vast improvement of late. Moore had two sacks and two forced fumbles. True freshman, Brandon Alexander, also saw the most snaps he has seen all season - by a lot - and led the team in tackles with 10.

A couple other things worth noting are....

  • Dustin Harris was a monster at PR taking one to the house and picking up big yards on another
  • On a third and ten, Trent Hunter BLEW UP the Jayhawk's QB on a late blitz right up the middle forcing a fumble. It was nasty.
  • Jeff Fuller did not start....for the first time in his career....and he wasn't hurt
  • This win gave us the magic 6 needed to be bowl eligible....we'll probably end up in one of either the Holiday Bowl (12/28 v. Pac-12 in San Diego), Texas Bowl (12/31 v. Big 10 at Reliant), or the New Era Pinstripe Bowl (12/30 v. Big East in Yankee Stadium). I'm hoping for the Texas Bowl so I can go.
In other news.....after a weekend of wacky upsets (#2 oSu lost, #4 Oregon lost, #6 OU lost) the newest BCS rankings have #1 LSU, #2 Bama, #3 Arky.....they're not only in the same conference but they're all in the same DIVISION. The one we're joining next year. Yowza.

We've got a short week ahead with the biggest Lone Star Showdown ever ahead of us on Thursday night. Never has there been a game that I want to win as badly as I want to win this one. Up until about 5 months ago tech was the one team that I loathed more than any other but after all the SEC stuff that went down texas has become enemy #1.

Each school is trying to pin the breakup of the rivalry on each other in a PR battle but I think we came out ahead in that one. A few weeks back Bill Byrne made a statement that we wanted to continue to play the horns in all sports but texas replied back, "Sorry, our non-conference schedule was full for the foreseeable future." Then last week they announced a new game with UCLA in 2014 at Jerry's World. Liars.

All I can say is...BEAT THE HELL OUTTA t.u.!
SEC West

Sunday, November 13, 2011

What the Hell Happened?

Life got crazy so posts got neglected.....but whoa, we're in a totally different world now than we were when I last posted.

10/22 Ags 33 at ISU 17
Ags won but it was much closer than it should have been against one of the worst teams in the conference. C-Mike ran for 142 yards and Cyrus added 125 yards on the ground while Jeff Fuller had his best game of the season with 75 yards and a TD on 7 catches.

10/29 Ags 31 v. MU 38 (OT)
We were lucky to get this one to overtime as Mizzou missed a FG as time expired in regulation. Of course, we blew another double-digit 4th quarter lead to get to that point. Sherman lost me in this one - completely inexcusable.

11/5 Ags 25 at OU 41
We played really poorly in the first half but somehow went into the intermission tied up at 13 with the #9 ranked Sooners. Then OU blew the doors off scoring 28 unanswered points in the third quarter. It was ugly. The highlight was Ryan Swope's 148 yards and TD on 13 receptions - he is on pace to break all three big single season receiving records (receptions, yards, & TDs). Oh yeah, C-Mike tore his ACL and is out for the year.

11/12 Ags 50 at K-State 53 (3OT)
As much as I felt like we should have won the Mizzou game....and even after everything I've seen this season....I really thought we'd beat #14 KSU. Apparently, I forgot that we blow double-digit fourth quarter leads....don't worry - the team didn't. Four of our five losses we've coughed up DOUBLE DIGIT FOURTH QUARTER LEADS!?! It was the drops by our TEs and WRs that did us in this time. Whether it was an early walk-in TD, key first downs down the stretch, or a triple overtime 2-point conversion.....we dropped'em. Don't fear, we're heading into flu season and our WRs don't need to get their shots because they can't catch anything. Thank goodness for Cyrus - I love this kid - he ran for 218 yards and 2 TDs.

What a complete mess this season has turned into. All of the momentum we had coming off of last season, and the recruiting campaign, and pre-season accolades, and then the SEC's all gone. We flushed it down the toilet.

We have Kansas, the worst team in the conference, at home this weekend before turning around for the biggest Lonestar Showdown of all time....the last one.

Frankly, at this point, I don't care what happens against KU - Sherman needs to start getting the team ready for texas - just game plan for them from today until Thanksgiving. We HAVE to beat texas.