Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Update to Early Off-Season Update

I forgot to mention one thing the other day and then we had a little more suprise news come out on Tuesday.

Just after signing day Coach Sherman accepted a walk-on freshman kicker from Kentucky. Ross Gilliam is a 6'7" former soccer player who first started his football career his senior year of high school - thus his limited exposure during the recruiting process. He was incredibly impressive and he's coming to Aggieland - so that is great.

I'm always a bit leery of freshman kickers, as we haven't seemed to have much luck with them.....but adding a leg scholarship free can't hurt anything. If nothing else maybe we can get some more touchbacks and save ourselves from game losing TD KORs.

The more recent news is that we added one more name to the 2010 signing class as monster OLman, Jarvis Harrison (6'4" 323 lbs) of Navasota got his SAT results back and found out that he was going to qualify so he put his name out for interested schools. He, like Gilliam, started football late in life (for Harrison it was his junior year of HS) so it will be interesting to watch him go from raw to refined under Coach Sherman and Coach Turner.


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