Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Little Karma....but Not Enough

Baylor worked themselves up another "catchy" campaign to preserve these sacred rivalries....but they must have forgotten that you can't steal. TexDot got in on the legal actions and served BU with Cease and Desist orders for using their "Dont Mess with Texas" slogan. They have since changed it to "Rise Up for Texas Football".

In other Baylor news, the Bears sold 830 tickets that we provided them for our October 15th matchup and had to send back 3,000 of the 3,850 tickets provided.

The university has to pay for all the tickets if they don't return them by the Big 12's cutoff date....and clearly they don't have enough confidence that their rabid fan base will eat them up.

Before you start with a defense of "they're boycotting A&M game this year" keep in mind they sold fewer than 1,000 ($) for their previous two trips to Kyle Field (in '07 & '09).

That is certainly a rivalry worth saving.

But then there is good 'ol Ken Starr getting himself another editorial piece, this time in the Houston Chronicle.

According to our friends in the sports media, the football programs of our beloved Texas institutions are about to become exported commodities, competing in different national athletic conferences. If this proves to be true, we will be tearing something very special from the celebrated fabric of our Texas history.


But there's something else unique about college football in Texas. A review of the rosters of Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and Baylor shows approximately 410 out of 470 total players - better than 87 percent - list Texas hometowns. Unlike top-ranked teams such as Alabama, where the Crimson Tide has fewer than 50 percent in-state players, and Oregon, where the number is about 20 percent local, the players at UT, A&M and Tech grew up in Texas and competed in Texas high schools. Each week, they are cheered on by Texans who have rooted for these programs and for these athletes for years.

I don't get how he thinks we don't realize that, as I've mentioned before, this is nothing new. The non-Texas Big 12 schools have rosters that are completely chocked full of Texas high school athletes.

I also don't get how he thinks this is helping their cause. They look completely petty and this whole thing just goes to show that they've been taking the handout that the Big 12 has been giving them for their pathetic on-field results and feel they're entitled to keep it forever. As the great Eddie Vedder says, "It's evolution, baby!"

The Friday of opening weekend Oklahoma came out and said that they were looking around and those rumors continue - now to the point that it is a foregone conclusion that OU is going to go to the Pac-12 and take oSu with them. There have been rumors that texas was going to jump to the ACC (some rumors said their FB team would be independent but the rest of their sports would be ACC) but there are other rumors that they're going to the Pac-12 with the Okie schools. I think tech is going to go wherever t.u. goes.

The interesting part is that this weekend it was announced that Syracuse & Pitt are bolting the Big East for the ACC....this move was BRILLIANT by the ACC. It moved them from a position of "about to be picked over" to a position of "Oh dang, we just killed the Big East. Dead."

From what I understand, if 6 of the current remaining Big 12 schools (including us) vote to dissolve the conference then no one has to pay exit fees. If that's the case, then Baylor would have actually saved us millions of dollars by stretching this whole thing out and causing uncertainty with Oklahoma (and oSu) and then that uncertainty causing further uncertainty. Had BU just stayed quiet and they grabbed another school quickly to replace us this very likely wulnd't have happened.

What I foresee is the remainder of the Big 12 joins up with the remainder of the Big East - give or take a team or two.

Clay Travis completely nails this entire thing. He has been the best national blogger throughout this entire process....which, I am sure, has been wonderful for his new gig out on his own.

Hopefully, this all ends soon because I'm getting tired of having to keep up with it. I just want to watch some football and get excited about the on the field stuff. No more lawyers and school presidents.


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