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Ag Football Recap: Ags 55 v. Baylor 28

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Honestly, this is one of the games I circled on the schedule and said, "We have to win this game - I don't think I could take listening to Baylor fans overplay this game for all of eternity if we lost."

There was never a Baylor game that I burned to win more than this one. Normally it was just another game on the schedule that I anticipated a victory in but this year was different. Whether it be the entire SEC roadblock, all the RG3 hype, or the fact that they were, not only ranked, but somehow ranked ahead of us - I wanted our boys to crush them.


The Battle of the Brazos ends with A&M dominating the series with 22 wins in the final 25 meetings and the Bear's winless streak at Kyle Field will stay frozen at 13, dating back to 1984.

It was a great game - it was close enough, long enough for the fans to be into the game and have some suspense but we finished so strongly that we ended up completely blowing them out. The perfect combination.

Let me start by saying that Robert Griffin III is a great player. It's a shame that he is being wasted away in Waco. He threw for a school record 430 yards and had 3 TDs.

Our defense did get after him though, picking up 5 sacks. We should have had 4 or 5 more but he is so incredibly elusive he slipped out of them - usually resulting in a nice scramble or even a long completion - very impressive. We did also pick him once. It was our first forced turnover since the first quarter of the SMU game and it was only the second INT he has thrown all season.

I'm not sure what on earth he was thinking, but that INT was probably one of the worst I've ever seen. It was 1st & 20 on their own 20 with 9:46 remaining in the game and we were up by 20 at that point. He was flushed out of the pocket and just hurled the ball deep downfield - he was standing flat footed and wasn't even looking - it was a jump ball that Dustin Harris won.

One place that has completely killed us all season is getting off the field on third down....especially in 3rd & long (they converted on a 3rd & 19 and 3rd & 11).

On offense everything finally clicked on all cylinders. Holy cow we have the ability to just roll a team up when that happens. We finished with 681 yards of offense and only failed to score on our opening drive (when Tanny was picked on a tipped shuttle pass). My favorite part was that in the second half the offense actually stuck around - we scored 31 points in the last 30 minutes.

Ryan Tannehill found Ryan Swope over, and over, and over, and over. Swope finished the day with 205 yards (5th most in school history) and a school record 4 TD receptions on 11 receptions. Jeff Fuller had a couple of drops but he made up for them with 71 yards on 5 receptions - when he had the ball in hand he fought like a dog for yardage. EZ also had 94 yards and a TD on 4 receptions.

Fuller also passed Terrence Murphy for the top spot in the school's all-time receiving yard list. He now sits atop all three of the school's big receiving categories for a career -receptions, TDs, and yards.

Tannehill finished the day 25-of-37 with 6 TD passes and 1 INT and 415 yards passing. He added 55 yards on the ground.

CMike and Cyrus Gray are so incredible to watch. Cyrus had 42 yards on 12 carries while CMike had 105 and a TD on 21 carries.

Other notes:
  • Steven Jenkins make his first career start at ILB
This was my first game to sit in my actual season ticket seat and I'm still crispy red from sitting so close to the sun. The lady next to us was probably in her 50s and she was there by herself and was as loud as Sean and I. At one point in the 3rd quarter she turned to me and gave me instructions on what to do if she had a heart attack. And I think she was serious. That is redass.

This coming Saturday we travel to Ames to face ISU and the following weekend we get another 11am kickoff at Kyle Field with Mizzou.

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