Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Isaac Strikes

Hurricane Isaac has screwed everything up.  La Tech postponed our Thursday night season opener in Shreveport in anticipation of the storm hitting Louisiana.

The game has been rescheduled for October 13th.  This hurts us on many levels.

  1. We now open with Florida, a conference game, without having any live game action.  We don't have 9 days to try to tie up any lose ends that we would discover.  This is particularly troubling because we have a freshman QB who will be taking his first career snap against one of the best defenses in the country.
  2. We lose our off week prior to LSU so we now have one week to prepare for them as opposed to the original two.
  3. We play 12 consecutive weeks.  No time to allow nicks and dings to heal and no time to let guys rest and recharge.
  4. La Tech will now catch us mid-season so they will have seen all our film and they also provide a nice opportunity for us to get caught as a trap game if we overlook them in anticipation of LSU.
  5. No college football fan should have to wait an extra week and a half after clamoring for their season to start for 8 months.  At this point 9 days feels like 30 days.

Why does anyone schedule games along the Gulf Coast in September?  I remember this happening to texas back in '04 when they were to play Southern Miss.

BTHO Florida.

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