Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ag Football Preview: #24 Florida Gators

It is beautiful.  A jewel awaiting her big day.
Look at that picture.  Just think that in less than 48 hours that stadium will be overflowing with excitement and movement.  Can you invision it?  The smiles on faces, the random screams of excitement that can't be held any longer, 12th Man towels shaking in unison with the head drum major, the proud singing of the Spirit of Aggieland prior to kickoff - you sing it louder than normal on a day like this.  If they squeezed 90,079 in for the '10 Nebraska game then they're going to get at least 90,080 in for this one.

This will easily be the most rocking day game I've ever been to at Kyle Field.  '02 OU was a big game, but the anticipation out the gate wasn't like this.  The kickoff for this game will be as loud as the final interception of that game.  I'm shaking with excitement as I type this.

This will be a quick bullet point preview....
  • Florida went 7-6 last season in Muschamp's first season (3-5 in SEC)
  • They played only 5 away games during regular season last year 
  • Turnovers were a problems last year (-12 on the season)
  • Squeaked by Bowling Green last week 27-14 in The Swamp
    • Bowling Green lost the game as a result of two missed FGs (29 yds & 31 yds) and a ball that tipped off the WRs hands and was picked at the FLA 16 yard line (led directly to a TD).  There are you 13 points.
  •  Frankly, I'm not sure how they're in the top 25 right now based on last season and then their lackluster performance in their season opener against Bowling Green
  • Florida has a new O.C.  they hired away from Boise State.....Marcel Yates (our new co-DC) should have a pretty good bead on him coming over to A&M from Boise State as well
  • We are going to be forced to stop the run game - a theme that we are going to see all season long....#23 Mike Gillislee is a darn good RB (ran for 148 and 2 TDs on 24 carries vs. BG)
  • Their backup RB's name is #33 Mack Brown....somehow I hope the 12th Man representative makes a big tackle on him - it seems only fitting
  • They return 4 starters on OL
  • The Gatorade boycott is on....Powerade for this guy
  • After starting last week with a QB rotation, they named #6 Jeff Driskel the starter for this week
    • Driskel vs. BG: 10-of-16 for 114 yards and 1 TD
    • #12 Jacoby Brissett vs. BG: 3-of-5 for 31 yards and no TDs
    • both are sophomores
  • Their defense returns 10 starters from a squad that was #8 in the nation in total defense 
  • Have one of the best DL in the nation (Phil Steele has their DL ranked #3, LBers #5, and DBs #9)
  • Their top 6 LBers return.  Do we even have 6 LBers?
  • They are going to pressure the tar out of Manziel and see if he can beat them through the air
  • Bowling Green had good success when they got the ball out of the QBs hands quickly....short drops and quick routes....Manziel has to be accurate - can't throw the ball high or behind the WRs or we're going to see some INTs
  • Have one of the best special teams in the country
    • Groza Finalist: #19 Caleb Sturgis
    • #4 Andre Dubose is scary at KOR
  • Last week vs. Bowling Green
    • Pass offense: 145 yds
    • Rush offense: 220 yds
    • Total offense: 365 yds
    • Offense on 3rd D: 5-of-16
    • Pass defense: 226 yds
    • Rush defense: 101 yds
    • Total defense: 327 yds
    • Defense on 3rd D: 4-of-17
    • TO: +1
  •  This game is going to be decided by turnovers and our ability to stop the run - if we can stay even with them there I think we have a good shot of success
I'm so damn excited.  WHOOP!


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