Thursday, October 18, 2012

2013 Schedule Released

The SEC released it's 2013 schedule today so we can start making our plans for road trips!

Now obviously this can change between now and then but I'm totally digging it.
Sat.  8/31    Rice
Sat.  9/07    SHSU

Sat.  9/14    Alabama

Sat.  9/21    SMU

Sat.  9/28 at Arkansas

Sat. 10/05    OPEN
Sat. 10/12 at Ole Miss
Sat. 10/19    Auburn
Sat. 10/26    Vanderbilt
Sat. 11/02    OPEN
Sat. 11/09    New Mexico
Sat. 11/23 at LSU
Sat. 11/30 at Mizzou
I love this!  Let me count the reasons:
  • 8 home games....4 road games
  • 'Bama at Kyle Field
  • No South Carolina - so the permanent rival thing doesn't kick in yet
  • Our East road game is Mizzou - that is great because one of my big problems is that I don't want to have to pick between a West Division away game that I really want to go to and an East Division road trip that I only get a once/decade opportunity for.  I can't miss one of those opportunities or I have to wait until my 4 year old son is in college to get another chance.  At Mizzou?  Doesn't even register a blip on the radar.
  • LSU in Tiger Stadium on the Saturday after Thanksgiving - I have already asked for and received the green light on this one from the Mrs.
  • A return to Oxford for a second consecutive season!  I picked road tripping to Auburn over going Ole Miss this year and I am being rewarded.  I haven't brought it up yet with the Mrs. - I'm going to slow play this one.
  • Arkansas - only we'll get a chance to go to Fayettville for years (the series goes back to Jerry's World after 2013 and the original contract was extended)
 My final thoughts?


Now Bring on LSU!

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