Friday, September 13, 2013

Ag Football Preview: #1 Alabama

It is here.  We have all had today's date circled on our calenders since November 10th last year.

We know that Nick Saban has.

Notice the A&M flags above each piece of equipment and the game on the TVs

Bama is coming for blood...for vengeance.  Our victory in Tuscaloosa last year was the only smudge on an otherwise flawless two year run.

I've rewatched that game at least 10 times, I still get knots in my stomach during parts and chills on my arms during others.

This is why we wanted to join the SEC.  This is why no one was sad to leave the Big 12.  We are literally the epicenter of the entire college football world - and it is glorious.

Oh boy, I'm excited.

Shoot, Bear Bryant would be excited (fittingly, his 100th birthday would have been this past Wednesday)

Bama hasn't had just the entire offseason to prepare for this game, they also got an extra full week with a bye following their season opener against Virginia Tech at the Georgia Dome.

Running back, TJ Yeldon, has been licking his chops watching our defense against Rice and Sam Houston.  Each of their RBs had huge days (Rice RB went for 131 yards of total offense and 3 TDs while Sam's RB went for 203 and 3 TDs).

That said, we're going to see a different defense on the field against Bama.  We get back starters LB Steven Jenkins, CB Devante Harris, DL Gavin Stansbury from suspension and DL Cedric Obioha, who missed the Sam game with injury.  How much rust will they have to shake off?  How much better will they be?  I have no clue but it's going to be better than having true freshman on the field.

That VT game was not a good one for the Tide, although they did cruise to a 35-10 win.  They only had two offensive TDs and gained a paltry 209 yards of offense (and only 109 through the air).  Christion Jones saved the day with a punt return for a TD and a KOR for a TD (and a receiving TD).  They also had a pick-6.

I think the winner of this game has to score 40 points so one of two things has to give.  We're either going to have to do what Virginia Tech did and stop the Tide offense or we're going to have to do what no one does and completely roll their defense.

It's not like we're not any good....we're the 5th ranked team in the country.  We're going to score a lot and Bama knows that.  What they don't know is how we're going to do it - we've been very vanilla in our first two games and have yet to work any to our huge TEs.  Our offensive line is excellent, we have a stable of running backs, Mike Evans is on pace to be All-World.....I feel like I'm forgetting someone?

Nick Saban isn't.  Images of Johnny flashing through his head have kept him up at night for 10 months.  He hired consultants to watch film for him to supplement his own.

Johnny has stayed put in the pocked (a very concerted effort) - against Bama, the handcuffs come off.  We've also run the offense at a much slower pace than in 2012, something I also expect to see come to an end tomorrow.

It is literally, the perfect storm - the matchup is going to be will Kyle Field.  Holy moly, tickets are going for x10 face value and it is going to be ROCKING.  I can't even imagine what it would be like if it was a 7pm kickoff.  All I can really say is....


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