Tuesday, December 10, 2013

#5 Mizzou Just a Bit Too Much, 28-21

The offense couldn't shake the funk that started last weekend against LSU.  Johnny is hurt. There is simply no other explanation.

I thought the defense played about as well as you could have asked, particularly against such a high powered offense.  It looked like Jay Arnold got a lot of snaps, as did Noel Ellis....and Clay Honeycutt is back after an injury.

I liked what I saw out of the running game, although I didn't understand the rotation.  It seemed like anytime someone got hot they were subbed out.  Brandon Williams came in an ignited us with some much needed energy.

As poor as the offense played in the first half (3 punts and a special teams fumble) we went into the locker room with a 14-7 lead.

In the third quarter, Mizzou came out and manhandled the defense marching 80 yards for the game tying score.  We have to punt (it was a great! punt but terrible coverage) and they dominate the defense again and march for the TD.

We started to move the ball pretty well and on a 4th-and-1 there was a false start by the OL and we had to punt.  So frustrating.

Luckily, we were able to force a punt and get down the field with some intermediate passes to Labhart and three monster runs by Trey Williams (who was led by Cam Clear at FB) before punching it in with Malena. 

It's 21-21 now.

Both teams exchanged punts before Mizzou finally strikes on a long 57 yard TD run leaving only 3:34 on the clock.  We couldn't get anything going and had to punt it to the Tigers, who converted two first downs entirely too easily.

Mike Evans was quiet again (4 receptions for 8 yards), although he is the one most effected by Malcome Kennedy's injury as he is getting ALL of the attention.

This was a game that was there for the taking, but once again we couldn't put together a complete game. 
In other news....

This year's Iron Bowl was a classic.  My DVR cut off with 4:39 remaining in the game and Alabama had just scored a TD that seemingly put the game away.  I wasn't too bummed....until I saw the final score.  Auburn scored quickly and then 'Bama missed an insanely long FG as time expired - and Auburn RETURNED IT FOR A TD! 

As a result, the SEC Championship featured Mizzou vs. Auburn - two teams who went a combined 2-14 in conference play last season.  The parity in this league is outstanding.

Auburn ran Mizzou out of the game (Tra Mason finished with 300+ yards on the ground) and thanks to a Michigan State upset over undeserving #2 Ohio State, Auburn will now face Florida State for a chance to bring home the SEC's 8th consecutive national championship (it would be the 5th consecutive for the state of Alabama).

Coach Sumlin was given a 6-year extension worth ~$5M per season with a $5M buyout and a clause that prevents him from speaking to NFL teams for 3 years.  Since the announcement, the Houston Texans fired Gary Kubiak and the rumors are rampant that they want to sign Sumlin before the board of regents can finalize the deal.  We'll see.

The other we'll see is the smoking hot rumor that Nick Saban is going to replace Mack Brown at t.u.  Brown is supposed to step down some time this week.  I just can't see Saban leaving 'Bama to step into the most spread oriented conference in America - he LOATHES the spread.  I don't even think that t.u. can moneywhip him because 'Bama is going to do whatever they can to match it - shoot, the churches across the state would give up their collections to start a campaign to keep him.  Soooooo....we'll see.

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