Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Its Been A While....

It has been quite some time since my last post here so I thought I'd catch everyone up....

- The athletic department decided to go back on the t.u. game to December move....they must have read my rant....it is now scheduled back on Thanksgiving night, as it should be, and all is well in the world.....on that front

- We all finally realized why it is irrational to count on true freshmen to come in and be All-Americans right away

- Von Miller was the #2 overall selection in the NFL draft going to the Denver Broncos

- R.C. says: A&M to SEC....but he said it back in September 1992

- Mike Sherman got a raise and extension and Tim DeRuyter got a raise.
  • Sherman's original deal was through 2015 at $1.8M/year....the remainder of the contract has been bumped to $2.2M/year and there was an A&M option extension added for 2016 & 2017
  • DeRuyter originally signed a 3-year deal prior to last year with a salary of $425K in '11 & $450K in '12....it was raised to $550K in both remaining seasons....I can't see how it is going to be enough to keep DeRuyter long term but it was a nice gesture. The thought of losing him scares me. Badly.
- My brother graduated....with Ty Warren

-Benjamin got pictures with the members of the Mt. Rushmore of Aggie sports

- texas has really stirred the pot in the last month in regards to the Longhorn Network (LHN), their ESPN created network. They have negotiated the rights to broadcast a football game on it, which will be their season opener against Rice. They have also pushed for a second game, a conference game, but are being met with resistance. The biggie is that they have approached some Texas high schools and presented the opportunity to them for a game (or two) of theirs to be broadcast. This is a HUGE deal in regards to recruiting. The Big 12 has put a moratorium on this for one year but the horns are still approaching more high schools.

Mack's comments on broadcasting high school games from last week's Big 12 Media Days: "The one [issue] is whether high school games should be played on the [Longhorn] Network … I hope that they consider doing that because we're going to sign 20-25 players per year," Brown added. "Those players are probably going to be committed, based on what we've done, by May. And none of them would have played their senior year in high school, so it's not going to affect who we recruit. I would love to see the high school coaches, and the players, and the communities be able to showcase what we all use to feed the Big 12 and that's high school players from the State of Texas. I hope that's what it comes back to."

These are high schools with current longhorn verbal commits, yes (but not LOI signed players) - but they are also high schools with freshmen, sophomores and juniors. Mack should know all about early recruiting since he is the one who started the trend.

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