Thursday, August 18, 2011

Still Quiet....But More Interesting

The Thursday recap:

Interesting Note #1:

A flight from Talladega Muni landed at Easterwood Airport this morning at 8:33am and then departed back to Taledega Muni at 11:30am.

Taledega Muni is 57.7 miles from the SEC Headquarters in Birmingham, AL.

Note: I didn't do any of this legwork....behold the power of TexAgs ($)

Interesting Note #2:

The Big 12 Presidents had a conference call in which they voted to add a second game to LHN....this second game will be a Big 12 matchup. It will likely be either KU or KSU.

Interesting Note #3:

@ChipBrownOB: An A&M official just told me they were not on the call when guidelines for 2nd game on LHN were discussed and agreed to by B12 presidents.

@DarrylBruffett: A&M President Loftin was not on the Big 12 conference call today when a second LHN game was discussed.

@stevefullhart: Loftin was on the call at the start. A&M officials will not confirm whether he left of his own accord or was asked to leave.

One word Ags....SECede! WHOOP!

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