Wednesday, August 17, 2011

All Quiet on the Eastern Front

So the lawyers are apparently still working through all the legal stuff and everyone is just waiting.

Big 12 Commish, Dan Beebe, wants us to let everyone know our intentions. Seriously? We want out and we would already be out if your puppet masters weren't doing everything in their power to thwart us moving.

"We can’t operate with an institution waiting to decide if it wants to remain in the conference. There has to be a very short time for an institution to commit.”

At some point soon, Beebe said he could approach the Big 12’s board of directors about setting a date for A&M to make a commitment.

Please Dan Beebe - PLEASE - give us an ultimatum and kick us out.

Baylor is also doing their best to keep things together in ways only Baylor can.

Straight from their website. "Committed to the Big 12: And the historic Texas rivalries" and "BaylorNation: Loyal. Dedicated. Active."

Yeah, they sure as heck are commited to the Big 12....'cause their next option is the Big Sky Conference.

The school president, Ken Starr, is doing his best to win over support to save his school's BCS status with an editorial piece in USA Today and a plea that was in the Waco is my favorite bit from that:

"I shudder to consider a future gathering of my fellow university presidents in which conversations about the disappearance of our historic rivalries lead us to consider what we were thinking back in 2011 when we let something so valuable slip away."

I'm curious if they shuttered when they forced their way into the Big 12 leaving "historical rivalries" like SMU, TCU, Rice, and UH to fend for themselves.

One final thought before I head off to bed....

On the radio all this week the radio hosts in Houston have been arguing that A&M shouldn't go to the SEC because it's a harder to win there and winning is the most important thing.


By that logic then everyone should be fighting to get into the WAC or the Sunbelt. We could go 12-0 or 11-1 there since winning is all that matters. We should all strive to be in the situations where we have to do the least to accumulate the most wins.

Ask Utah how much respect you get for that - didn't they go undefeated in '04 & '08....and now they have moved into the Pac-12 so they can play tougher competition because no one cared that they beat up on New Mexico and San Diego State.

Look, I'm not saying that THE reason we're wanting to go to the SEC is because we strive to play stronger competition. I don't have delusions of grandeur where we walk in and win 5 SEC titles in the first 15 years. The SEC is the strongest conference in the country, year after year, at the top and from top to bottom. We're going to struggle and we're going to have a bunch of 7 win seasons but to make an argument that we shouldn't go simply because it's harder is asinine.

Taking the easy road is the reason this entire country is in the situation we're in.

PS. At what point does the Big 12 become the Big East and undefeated teams don't go to the national championship because their road wasn't hard enough?

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