Saturday, January 7, 2012

Premature Conjecture

Narduzzi is out....on Friday he announced that he was going to stay at Michigan State with a raise from $240K up to $300K.....we allegedly offered offered $750K. Wow.

I have no clue who is next on the list.
  • Mark Stoops just got a big raise at FSU to stay.

  • Chris Wilson (Mississippi State's DC) was softly rumored a couple of weeks ago has decided he didn't want to interview anywhere else.

  • Justin Wilcox (who was Sherman's other finalist for DC when he hired DeRuyter) just left Tennessee to join newly hired Mike Leach at Washington and run his defense. I'm not sure if he was even on Sumlin's radar but he was someone we had considered in the past.

  • There are rumors that Brent Venables is on his way out in Norman (to be replaced by Mike Stoops) but I just have a deep rooted disdain for him and, frankly, I don't know if he would come here or if Sumlin would want him.
This hire is incredibly important for my opinion it will make or break him. We'll have to find out when it happens.

The biggest thing is getting the right guy but we also need to keep in mind that we need a defensive staff together and in place before signing day, which is creeping up on us only 4-5 weeks away. It has already hurt us with the JUCO mid-termers as we lost both of our big DL commits (Damien Jacobs to Florida & Darrington Sentimore to Tennessee).

All our surrounding schools (texas, OU, oSu, TCU, LSU, Arkansas, etc.) are just waiting to cherry pick from our committed kids in this vulnerable state. I know you probably won't forget what happened with Corey Nelson a couple of years ago when we didn't have a staff assembled in time?

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