Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sumlin Adds a Co-DC

Coach Sumlin has added Marcel Yates to the coaching staff as a Co-Defensive coordinator who will also handle the defensive backs.

Yates comes to us from Boise State where he served a couple of roles. From '03-'05 he was the cornerbacks coach then from '06-'10 he was the defensive backs coach and then last season he served as Defensive Pass Game Coordinator. I would assume that since this is a co-coordinatorship he would be serving a similar role with us which is interesting because I'm not sure we've ever had a co-defensive coordinator but Sumlin showed in his time at UH that he wasn't afraid of the "co-" title.

Under Yates as the Defensive Pass Game Coordinator the Broncos season stats looked like this:

Rush D 110.0 (17)
Pass D 210.9 (43)
Tot D 320.9 (16)
Scor D 18.7 (12)
I'm not sure what to make of that. But he is known as a stout recruiter which is something that Sumlin has focused strongly on as he put together this staff.

There is one more opening, which appears to be for the LBer coach - we'll have to see how this gets filled....and will it be done before signing day next Wednesday?

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