Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ag Football Recap: Ags Crush Mizzou

Mizzou misses our Big 12 days.  I'm not even sure what the final score was.  I think Mizzou's leading rusher in the first half was their punter.

We scored early and we scored often.  We also got scared.

In the first quarter Johnny was running to the right and Mizzou's DB latched onto his left leg and Johnny twisted his knee as he came down.  As he was on the turf curled up holding his knee the stadium went dead silent.  Even the crickets didn't know what to do.

Johnny's touch, of course, can heal all evils so he stuck a knee brace on and came back out and won the Heisman.
He finished with 439 yards and 5 TDs (372/3 passing, 67/2 rushing) and took his last snap with 8:50 remaining on the clock in the 4th quarter.

He spread the ball around - 9 different players had a reception.

We even tried and WR Pass from Kendric McNeal to Johnny in the endzone that was just slightly underthrown and was deflected at the goal line.  It would have been the cherry on the cake.

Does anyone put cherries on cakes?

Malcome Kennedy came out as the biggest beneficiary - 110 yards on 7 receptions.  Mike Evans was ONE YARD SHY of yet another 100 yard game.

C-Mike started the game like a man on fire.  I haven't seen him run as hard or with as much explosion as he did in the first quarter.  He had 60 yards and 2 TDs on 4 carries but came out with a hamstring injury.

We finished the game 12-of-16 on third down.  12-of-13 while Johnny was in the game.

On the defensive side of the ball two players stood out above everyone else.

Howard Matthews had a whale of a game - I can't think of a game where he's played better.  He had 13 tackles, a brilliant pass breakup and a tackle for a loss.  He brings the wood.
Spencer Nealy has found a place deep in my heart.  This guy plays with such passion, excitement, and relentlessness.  He is the definition of motor.  He had 7 tackles, 2 for a loss, and a swatted pass.  Love the guy.

Another guy who deserves a mention is kicker, Taylor Bertolet.  He's taken some heat this season but he was flawless on Saturday night - 8-for-8 on PATs and he crushed a 50 yard FG.

BTW, I looked up the score - it was 59-29.

I've never watched a team play as hot as this team is playing right now.  I truly believe that if we had a rematch with LSU or Florida right now we'd win.

We don't know who our next opponent will be.  It will either be in the Capital One Bowl (vs. a Big 10 team) or the Cotton Bowl (vs. a Big 12 team).  I think it depends on who wins next weekend in Atlanta (Georgia v. 'Bama).  It also looks like OU has a shot at going to the Fiesta Bowl - if that happens then the CoBo will snatch up texas so they can get us matched up with them.

We'll find out next week after Championship Saturday.

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