Friday, November 30, 2012

horns Don't Want to Match Up with Ags in Cotton Bowl? had the Cotton Bowl chairman on their radio show this morning and he was very candid about a lot of things.
  • They would be excited to get A&M, but the Capital One Bowl would likely be just as excited
  • The Alabama game was the turning point for us....without that win the Ags probably fall short of a Cotton Bowl invite....with it they're likely taken before the Cotton Bowl gets a chance
  • The SEC office is going to pressure the Cotton Bowl to take the loser of the SEC Championship game so they don't fall below that point.
  • If OU doesn't make a BCS game they are probably going to play in Dallas, if not it should be texas
The one question that I found particularly interesting was when he was asked how he would officially respond to the rumors that texas is doing their part to make sure that they don't get matched up against A&M.
"Those are private conversations but there are lots of things on that and we know that there is just a lot of bad blood in the way that Texas A&M departed.  Therefore some members of the Big 12 would prefer not to play them just because of that bad blood and we know that is there."

The fact that there have been actual conversations about it is fascinating.  The fact that he pleads the 5th and says that they're private conversations speaks volumes.

Let's think about this.  The only three Big 12 teams that have a realistic chance at the Cotton Bowl are Kansas State, OU, and texas.  OU has spoken out in the past that they would be willing to schedule us as an OoC game so we know they're not holding beef.  So it's either Kansas State or texas.  Hmmm. 

Considering Mack's recent garbage about how Johnny shouldn't win the Heisman, I would say that they're the ones who are scared of us. 
"Colt wasn't ready as a freshman...I'd like it to be best player on best team."
Here are a few thoughts on that....
  • Colt might have not have been "ready"....but more importantly, even when he was "ready", he wasn't good enough
  • Colt should have beaten 'Bama
  • Yet you campaigned the tar out of Ricky Williams for Heisman....from a 8-3 squad
It is also apparent that DeLoss is worried about more than just a sliver of East Texas and that Mack, despite what he said after the 'Bama game, HAS been following us a little bit.  (And if he hasn't, then how on earth can he cast his weekly ballot for the Coaches Poll?)

As I've said before, I prefer not to play them in the Cotton Bowl simply because we have nothing to gain and they do. 

Frankly, I really don't have any interest in playing any Big 12 team in a bowl this year - I love bowls because you get a chance to match up against big schools from other conferences that you normally wouldn't be able to play.  Playing a Big 12 team doesn't give me that.

That said, if we had to play in a bowl that matched us up with a Big 12 opponent, I'd rather it be texas just just so we could smash them and let the "S-E-C!  S-E-C!  S-E-C!" chant rain down on them from the rafters of Cowboy Stadium.

That won't likely happen.  If they go to the Cotton Bowl, it looks like they'll get crushed by Alabama, Georgia, or LSU instead.  All indications point to us playing in the Capital One Bowl down in Orlando.  We are most rumored to match up against Michigan, but that of course depends on how the Big 10 Championship game goes tomorrow night (Nebraska v. Wisconsin).  For so many reasons, I would LOVE to play Michigan.

Should be an interesting weekend of championship games.


  1. I could not agree with you more Ryan. I have no interest in seeing the Ags play any Big 12-2 team. A game against Michigan would be awesome.