Tuesday, November 27, 2012

On the Clock

Everyone keeps talking about how much time Johnny missed this season when he comes out in our blowout wins....so I thought I'd take a look.
He played the full 4 quarters in five of our games (Florida, Ole Miss, La Tech, LSU, & Bama).  In the other 7 games he came out early.

He took his last snap at the....
 SMU:  0:58 in 3rd Q
SCSt:  1:20 in 2nd Q
 Ark: 10:23 in 4th Q
 Aub: 12:03 in 3rd Q
 MSU:  5:59 in 4th Q
SHSU: 13:34 in 3rd Q
  MU:  8:50 in 4th Q
All in all he sat out 128:07 which is the equivalent of just over 8-1/2 full quarters with.  That's more than 2 full games.

Pretty remarkable.  I'd be curious to see what Cam's numbers looked like in '10 - if I recall correctly, Auburn played in a lot of fairly close games that season. We already know that Cam set the record in 14 games so Johnny is really doing it in 2 fewer games played....but after looking at this it looks Johnny broke it in four fewer games.

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