Monday, November 19, 2012

The Notre Dame Factor

Quick, pick the Heisman candidate out of this group....

        G Solo Ast Tot  TFL Sack INT PBU FF FR

Pl A.. 11  55   34  89  6.0  4.0  2   2   1  1
Pl B.. 10  52   47  99  9.0  3.0  0   1   2  0
Pl C.. 11  53   25  78 20.0 12.5  0   2   1  0
PL D.. 11  49   49  98  5.5  1.5  6   4   0  2
Pl E.. 11  47   54 101 13.5  3.0  1   5   1  0

Mante Te'O is Notre Dame's standout linebacker and he is having a wonderful season.  He also plays for Notre Dame, a team with such a deep historic resonating place in college football - a team that has been quite disappointing on the national level for the last 15-20 years.

Their fans (and media) are chomping at the bit for a return to glory and the Irish haven't disappointed this season.  If they can beat the reeling USC Trojans (who will be without their pre-season Heisman candidate at QB) then they'll face off against the SEC Champion for the National Championship.

Their offense is ranked in the bottom half nationally but they're led by their defense, who allows the fewest ppg in the country.

That said, since they are undefeated and look to be playing in the National Championship then they MUST have a Heisman candidate on their roster.  I'm pretty sure that's a rule.  AND THEY'RE NOTRE DAME!

Since their offense is ehhh you have to look to their defense where Mante Te'O is their best player - so he is the Heisman finalist.

That's how this works, isn't it?

Oh and Te'O is Player D up above.
  • A: Alabama LBer, C.J. Mosley
  • B: Baylor LBer, Bryce Hager
  • C: Fightin' Texas Aggie DE, DaMonsta Moore
  • D: Notre Dame LBer, Mante Te'O
  • E: LSU LBer, Kevin Minter
I threw a Baylor guy in there just to because I thought it was funny.  We all know they don't play defense.

Nope, Te'O isn't the best player in college football.  He isn't the best defensive player in the country.  He isn't even the best player at his position in the country.

Johnny Football For Heisman!

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