Thursday, November 15, 2012

Johnny for Heisman

So, Johnny is having a pretty good season.  He's not the only one though.  Kansas State's Colin Klien is having a wonderful season for his respective team.

So what is all the fuss about?
The Heisman Trophy.  The most prestigious individual award in all of sports.

What are the requirements?
"The Heisman Memorial Trophy annually recognizes the outstanding college football player whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity.  Winners epitomize great ability combined with diligence, perseverance, and hard work."
Ok, so who is the most outstanding?  Well, Johnny Football is.
Let's take a look at the arguements....

Looking at the Numbers
                  TOTAL                 PASSING             RUSHING
          Snaps  Yards  Avg/G  TD   Yards  Avg/G  TDs   Yards  Avg/G  TDs  
          =======================   =================   =================

J.Football 492   3,794  379.4  33   2,780  278.0   18   1,014  101.4   15
   C.Klien 362   2,768  276.8  24   2,020  202.0   12     783   78.3   12
  • Johnny has more than 1,000 yards more than Klien.

  • Johnny has nearly 30% more TDs than Klien.

  • Johnny has played more snaps than Klien so you do have to take that into account. 
  • Johnny STILL averages more yards per play than Klien.

  • Johhny has a tackle and a forced fumble.

  • Johnny broke the SEC record for total offense in a single game in the 4th career appearance.
  • Johnny then broke his own SEC record for total offense in a single game in his 6th career appearance.

  • Johnny is the first player in NCAA history to throw for 400+ yards and run for 100+ in a single game.

  • Johnny averages 379.4 yards per game.
  • Klien's season high is 364 yards.
The SEC is notorious for defense.  Mack Brown has made it very clear at the beginning of the season that an "SEC defense" is something every team aspires to be.  Johnny Football turned the best defensive conference in the country on it's ear.
  • Cam Newton had the greatest single season in SEC history with 4,327 yards of total offense. 
  • Johnny is on pace for 4,932. 
  • Cam did it in 14 games.
  • Johnny should break it in 12.

  • Johnny has played 3 Top 10 defenses.
  • Klien has played 2 Top 50 defenses.
In those three games against Top 10 defenses A&M outperformed each of their season averages - by quite a large margin.
         FLORIDA           LSU           ALABAMA
        Avg  v.aTm     Avg  v.aTm      Avg  v.aTm
       ===========     ==========     ===========
TotD    285    334      263   410      243    418
ScoD   12.9     17     15.5    19     11.1     29
  • Big 12 as a whole gives up 403.5 yards per game.  Klien averages only 276.8.
  • SEC as a whole gives up 357.6 yards per game.  Johnny averages 379.4.

  • Klien barely averages 200 passing ypg....the Big 12 defenses allow an average of 253.6 ypg.
  • Johnny averages 278 passing ypg....the SEC defenses allow an average of 219.1 ypg.

  • Johnny had 345 yards of total offense against Alabama.
  • Klien topped that number once with his season high 364 yards against West Virginia.
  • Alabama is the #1 defense in the nation.
  • West Virginia is the 110th best defense in the nation.

  • Johnny is #1 the SEC in rushing yards
  • Klien is 4th in the Big 12 in rushing yards

  • Johnny is 3rd in the SEC in passing yards
  • Klien is 6th in the Big 12 in passing yards

  • Johnny is #1 the SEC in total offense
  • Klien is 5th in the Big 12 in total offense

  • Johnny is #1 the SEC in total TDs
  • Klien leads the Big 12 in total TDs
  • Hooray, Klien tied Johnny in a category
Due to our blowouts Johnny has played in 4 fewer quarters than Klien.  That's a full game.  Our backup QBs have taken a total of 48 snaps - that averages out to another 370 yards that Johnny would have easily had.

He's a Freshman and No Freshman Has Ever Won

So what?  Until 5 years ago, no sophomore had ever won.  Now let's think about this - it doesn't say anything about age or classification in the Heisman's mission statement.

Johnny is a redshirt freshman so the difference between him being a freshman and a sophomore is a handful of meaningless snaps in garbage time last season? Gimmie a break.

Johnny Has Lost Twice and Klien Has Led His Team to an Undefeated Record

Kansas State's undefeated record is the ONLY reason Klien's name is even in the arguement.

Guess what?  Tim Tebow and RG3 were both 9-3 at the end of the regular season and they still took home the hardware.

A&M has played one of the most difficult schedules in the country.  Our two losses are to #6 Florida and #7 LSU. 

We lost to Florida by 3 points in Johnny's first collegiate game.  We lost to LSU by 5 points.  We missed two FG and a PAT. 

Oh and did I mention that WE BEAT #1 BAMA! 
Look, I know that I'm naturally inclined to lean towards Johnny, but the numbers don't lie.  Johnny Football has had a better season while doing it against better opponents with better defenses.

There is only one thing to say....Johnny for Heisman!

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